Raw Food Detox, Day Three

Yay! Another day into the Raw Food Detox, and my caffeine headache has finally broken. Last night, Joey and I made some AWESOME green smoothies with frozen fruit, banana, water, and lots of spinach. It looked a little strange, as it was this dark, olive green color, but tasted like banana and strawberry, and it made me feel healthier just looking at it!

Today, I’m super-hungry. I wish I had some nuts or seeds in the house, but I’m afraid that we have nothing. Tonight, we’re having dinner at Joey’s parents house, so I’m taking my brown rice/raw veggies with me.

I don’t know that I think this diet is entirely sustainable; I’ve read several raw-foodists‘ blogs today and I’m undecided on the matter. Of course, those who are passionate about the idea and naturally enjoy raw foods are going to promote it as a completely sustainable lifestyle. I don’t know that I really get behind the claims that it can “cure cancer,” but I do believe that it’s a healthier way of eating than we generally do in our Standard American Diet.

I can honestly say that the benefits that I’m experiencing thus far are worth the boredom of chowing down on the same salad every day for lunch. I feel more alert and aware, and I feel as though I have more energy. I do have a sore throat, which is either me trying to come down with something, or a side effect of the raw food detox (I read that allergy-like symptoms can result). Either way, it’s not as bad as it would have been if I were getting sick, so I have to declare the Raw Food Detox a success thus far.

Bring on Day Four!!


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