An Unfortunate Dining Experience…

Otherwise known as “Gazpacho.” *sigh*…how I wanted to love it so badly, with its raw food-y goodness; it seems to be a staple meal for the raw fooders and they love it so. Sadly, I have come to realize after making a good three servings of it, that I do not like it at all.
I choked down a bowl, added some brown rice to make it edible after zapping it in the microwave for just long enough to knock the chill off. I’m hoping it will be better tomorrow, because I’ll have to eat it; can’t let the veggies go to waste.
Anyway, I found a blog today that I really enjoyed reading:
This woman decided to try the raw food thing just to see if she could, and has been at it for almost three years now. You can find photos of her journey, along with regular postings, including a very interesting (still in progress) series of posts relating her life story. What I appreciate most is that she’s so up-front about her journey at the beginning; she’s very clear to say that she doesn’t guarantee that she’ll keep this up forever, or that she’ll even make it to 100% raw (although she does in just a matter of weeks). It’s also amazing to see listed just how much food is required in the raw food diet to allow us to meet our daily requirements for calories, fat, and protein….but the awesome thing to see is that it *is* possible.
I’m definitely not at 100% raw myself…I’m still learning, trying new things (like the nasty gazpacho…blech), and making lots of mistakes (like accidentally buying dry roasted almonds instead of raw almonds). I will say, though, that in general (other than this crappy sinus issue I’m having right now), I’m feeling better than I have in some time and I’m seeing my body change before my own eyes, which is exciting. That alone is enough to keep me trying at it for another week.

4 thoughts on “An Unfortunate Dining Experience…

  1. Thanks for the nice words about my blog, Melanie! And it <>does<> take a lot of food to feed me!What recipe were you using for gazpacho? I have one that takes pineapple that is yummy (at least I like it). Let me know if you want it.Good luck! You can get there! I did it in four days but that’s unusual.

  2. Thanks for giving me a read:). My gazpacho recipe was something I randomly pulled off the net Tuesday night…I think it called for 6 tomatoes, 1/3 of a large cucumber and some lime juice. Funny story…apparently, all of my limes were rotten, so I had a lemon and used that and also put in just a tiny bit of onion. It was just too acidic for me. My hubby ate some yesterday for lunch and gagged. Anyway…I will keep reading your blog and look forward to hearing more of your memoirs!!

  3. are you going on a raw food diet? wow. i think gazpacho cooked is better than it would be raw… 🙂 but i’m not a big fan of cold soup…

  4. I managed to be raw for almost a month. It was a good experience, but not one that I think I could keep up; I did have more energy and less tummyaches, and felt more alert and clear, but I just got tired of eating the same few foods over and over. Since we have to be so frugal, I couldn’t really afford to branch out with new and exciting foods. I also lost 8 pounds or so. Gazpacho would be much better cooked, but then it wouldn’t be gazpacho….;)

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