Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

Well, it was a half-raw Easter. We went to Chili’s for lunch today, and the only salads they have are covered with chicken, so I ended up getting a veggie burger with mixed vegetables on the side. It was relatively tasty, although we’ve decided that we’re not going back to Chili’s again. It was overcrowded and the music was too loud, and we also felt like we were being rushed out, and at this point, the place really has to be worth our money for Joey and I to decide to go. It’s not worth it to me to not be able to hear the person I’m with and have mediocre food on top of it all.

Anyway, it’s been a strange Easter; I guess because it was so busy and I’ve been feeling puny, it just didn’t feel like Easter at all. My voice held out and singing went fine, but I’m finding myself at the end of the day looking back and thinking, “was it really a holiday today?” Maybe that will change when we have kids, but frankly, I’m a little disheartened by it all. Christmas didn’t feel like Christmas this past year and now Easter didn’t feel like Easter either.

Oh well…we had tasty green smoothies for dinner tonight, which was the perfect ending to the day. and I’ve lost 3.4 pounds since starting this raw journey, so I’m satisfied overall.


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