TV Diet Week!

First of all, I’m so disappointed in myself; I planned for us to participate in Earth Hour last night and I totally forgot. So, a little late, but in the same earth-saving spirit, hubby and I will be turning off the lights for an hour tonight instead. I’m ashamed that we missed the group effort, but we’re not going to let it pass just because we were stupid. I was also a little disappointed that our local paper, The Charlotte Observer ( ) put the article about Earth Hour at the end of the front section. I would think that an event of such a large international scale merited at least a small feature on the front page.

Anyway…on to the significance of my title today: during Preacher Mike’s sermon this morning, he discussed how we can get drawn away from the faith because of “worries of this world” and “other things,” namely, entertainment. He was quick to point out that entertainment in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but that we are a society that needs to be entertained constantly, and thus we’re putting things in our head that aren’t always the best. He singled out TV, and that hit home because even though hubby and I have been much better about not letting it rule our lives, we still have it on most of the time that we’re at home.

I decided that we would try a “TV diet” this week….we will not watch any TV other than the news in the morning (for the weather and traffic report) and Joey’s classes on DVD (that are required since he’s taking a distance class online). Instead of coming home in the evening and turning on the tube, we’ll look for other things to do to enrich our minds and grow our relationship. We’ll try new recipes, take a walk, play cards, read, talk, whatever…..we’re going to focus on making a conscious effort to keep TV from ruining our minds.

This, hopefully, is another step toward a more simple, contemplative life. I did the raw food detox last week, which ended with a five pound weight loss and a new-found resolve, both to incorporate more raw foods in my daily diet, and also to begin to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle so that my eating habits are more in line with my personal beliefs.

Join me for my week of TV withdrawals; hopefully they will be less painful than the caffeine withdrawals!


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