TV Diet, Day Two

I know, I didn’t post anything for Day One, but I felt that it wouldn’t serve much purpose to post during the first few hours of living without television, so I decided to wait until tonight. Yesterday, we did watch two of Joey’s classes for his Hermeneutics class, and I did some blogging on my MySpace blog, but once his classes were done, we turned off the tube. At first, it was a relatively quiet evening, as I poked around the Internet looking for articles to read about sustainable living and voluntary simplicity (which is my routine search these days as I am constantly trying to refine mine and Joey’s life). Joey read some of his class reading to prepare for his quiz this week. However, after thirty minutes of that, he brought up the point that we’re usually pretty distant to each other on a normal night when the TV’s on….I’ll get into what I’m doing on the net and he’ll get into a show and we never talk. That convicted me, so I immediately shut the laptop and commenced to staring at him and watching his every move, which he found to be immensely funny, but it at least got a conversation going. We ended up talking until Nine, at which point we got ready for bed, but honestly, I barely noticed that the TV wasn’t on and I felt as though I had connected with my husband.

Tonight, we went to Wingate University after work so that Joey could do some research for a paper that he has due next month. I took the time to start (or “restart” actually) my class that I’m taking for work. I was able to get most of the way through the first chapter by the time he finished his research. We picked up some bread sticks from Pizza Hut and enjoyed a nice dinner together and now Joey is reading some more for his class.

Things I have noticed in the past two days of no TV:

  • I have talked to Joey much more
  • We’ve been more goofy and in a better mood for the most part
  • My vocabulary and writing skills are already improving
  • I was more relaxed today at work and was able to get more tasks done

One of the bigger challenges thus far has been how to handle going to sleep. I have to have the TV on when I go to sleep….not so much for the programming, but more for the electric hum that it emits (because I always fell asleep with it on as a kid…I’m a freak, I know). We decided that we would turn it on, but would leave it on the “Line” channel…the one that’s just a blue screen, so that we’re not actually watching anything. I do find that the news in the morning is still helpful…it’s good to get the weather and traffic before we leave for work, and there’s a segment called “Cooking at Home” that I enjoy a lot.

So, there you have it….Day One and Day Two in a nutshell. I definitely recommend this for anyone who happens upon my blog. As my husband would say, “this gives you more options, not less, so it’s a good thing.” Expand your mind, people!


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