Will We Ever Have Time for TV Again?

Ok, so the title is not entirely true, as I do have the TV on right now, but the week without TV has been fantastically wonderful and very enlightening. Joey and I have spent more time reading, more time talking, playing games, studying and doing schoolwork, and for the most part, just enjoying peace. We’re definitely planning to try to continue the no-tv lifestyle as much as possible. I think it’s better anyway, as I don’t want my kid(s) to be that influenced by advertising as much as I probably was as a child.

On the life horizon, Joey will be preaching a revival May 18 – 21. He’s really nervous….honestly, I’m a bit nervous for him. He’s never preached before and he told the preacher who asked him to do the revival, to which he responded, “I know. That’s why I asked you.” Everyone has to have a first time, I suppose. I’m excited to see the changes that are happening these days….makes me feel like something good is going to happen sometime soon.

I’m going to do more raw next week. I got some Hot and Spicy Chex Mix this weekend, which was really tasty, but didn’t love me back, and now I feel nasty and my tummy hurts. I think it’s time to get back to a healthy diet (I was only off of a healthy diet for a day and a half, but it had a pretty serious effect on me).

Here’s to life development!


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