I Didn’t Fall off the Face of the Earth!

I really didn’t think that anyone was reading this…I’ve been posting relatively often on my MySpace page (I felt like I got more reads there), but I think that this would be better for me as a “more respectable blog venue.” I’m still in the middle of this identity crisis, but things are becoming more clear to me every day. I started reading The Artist’s Way after reading about it on Wendee Holtcamp’s Blog and, slowly but surely, I have been producing bits and pieces of writing that aren’t complete and utter crap.

I wrote a poem for the first time in ages this past week, while Joey was in Sanford preaching the revival there. It was very rough, but it expressed my true feelings and could be good after some editing. I also drew for the first time in years the other night, nothing fantastic, just a cat and a horse, but I felt as though I had awakened from a deep, sad, sleep.

This week, I’m undergoing “reading deprivation,” which means that I can’t read anything this week or watch much TV. It’ll be a challenge, because despite my TV diet last month, I’m still relatively TV-oriented, much to my detriment, but I’m looking forward to what will come from the time spent. I’m going to try to finish the LOMA book this weekend (and I’ll start on the chapters on the CD next week after the task), so that I won’t feel too guilty about shirking my class for a whole week. Reading deprivation is supposed to allow a time for contemplative thought and productive action without the distractions of the written word.

Joey is listening to a video from YouTube of some lady singing the Hebrew alphabet since he has to have it memorized by Tuesday. He looks uber-dorky doing it, and it’s hilarious.


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