Simply Hawaiian!

Has nothing to do with what’s going on right now other than it’s a funny line from That 70’s Show which is what I’m watching right now before I go to bed. I haven’t got anything that I planned done today. I got home and talked to a friend through dinner and then went out for smoothies with two other friends (there’s a new smoothie place near Sun Valley that is AWESOME! It’s called Simply Hawaiian). It’s nice to be busy, but I feel like I neglected the Kins this afternoon.

It was funny, though….I was talking to Joey on the phone and I put it on speaker phone and Shelli was all over the phone trying to figure out where her daddy’s voice was coming from. She started rubbing her head on the phone…you can tell that she’s missing him.

Joey had a rough first day; I think he was still fine, but he was hoping for it to be miraculously different than it was when he was taking Greek, and it’s still a foreign language, so it’s still going to be considerably difficult. But I’m very proud of him…he’s been studying all afternoon/evening. Send up some prayers for him, though, if you will, that he’ll have clarity of mind and dedication so that he can get this done and make a good grade.
I’ve felt the crochetting urge lately….going to have to start up a project again!


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