First Successful Piece of Fiction!

Well, I’m thinking that I may be busting through the writer’s block, at least a little. I wrote a very short piece of fiction yesterday that I felt pretty good about, and I’m happy with that small bit of progress. I’m finding that I’m writing almost all of the time that I’m at home now, whether it’s blogging or journaling, or making lists or whatever comes to mind. I’m not at all disappointed about that. It’s nice to feel the compulsion to write again.

Joey is back home for the weekend; I’m so glad. It was a very long week and I’m thrilled that he’s doing so well and studying so hard. I’m very proud and happy to have such an awesome husband. I even managed to get some housework done this week, which I know helped him as I’ve generally been too lazy to do much.

So…there you have it. Hopefully, the rest of the weekend will be as languid and wonderful as today has been. I’ll have to sing in the morning, so at least the morning will be rushed and harried, but I’m making my Sweet Potato Gnocchi again tomorrow night, so that’ll be tasty! I’m definitely going to try to do less this week because I was way too busy last week and it made me feel guilty leaving Shelli by herself so much. She’s not a typical cat…very needy, which I like as it’s nice to have a cat that actually wants to be around me, but it does make it difficult to go and do things whenever I want.

We’re going to hear someone play at a new, eco-friendly coffee house in Stallings this evening. That should be exciting. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got and what they’re doing.


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