Rolling My Eyes…on the Inside…

Although today was stressful enough that I wouldn’t want to do it over again, I felt pretty good about myself today and felt like I did a pretty good job at being who I should be today. Since that seems to be a rarity, I’ll take what I can get and hope for the best. I kept to my “I’m Done” motto…did what I could do, didn’t worry about what I couldn’t do or control, and didn’t worry about trying to keep everyone happy. The older I get, the more I realize that there are certain things that I’m just not cut out for, and I need to recognize those things and look for the things that are right and in the right direction.

I have two upcoming crochet projects… that should be able to use up a little of my stash of acrylic yarn. I found this awesome website ( Crochet Pattern Central ), and they have all kinds of links for great things to make. Under the “Pets” section, there’s a CAT sweater that looks like a piece of candy corn!! You can see a picture of it here . I also want to make a headband of some sort…they have lots of patterns on the site, but I’ll have to get some better yarn (where in the heck is a yarn store around here!!??). Shelli is going to be so ticked about the sweater, but I can’t wait to see it on her. It’ll make a great Halloween costume and she is a black cat (well, a torti really). Here’s a pic of a skinny scarf I started a while back…it didn’t turn out the way I was hoping, so I may rip it out and start over…

Band rehearsal was very productive tonight…although we’re temporarily without a bass player, we’re moving along nicely and I think our gig on Saturday will go well! And, thank God, we get to do it inside now…I was worried about my dad having to be out there running sound.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Yay! And better even still, Joey will be back!! Double yay!


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