An early morning Saturday blog, eh? I was up at 6 am (gasp) because Shelli was kind of done with the sleeping thing. Joey was still tired from his stressful day yesterday, so I wanted him to be able to sleep for longer, so I came out to the living room to do my morning pages and entice the Kins into leaving Daddy alone. Here is a pic of the Kins all up in my yarn stash…funny, though, when I tried to put her in the box for a better shot, you’d have thought I was putting her into a bathtub full of water. I’ve never seen her make a more hasty retreat. It was HILARIOUS!

The morning pages didn’t come easy this morning. I hate it when that happens…usually there’s something great floating around that I’m waiting to get out on paper, or I’m only a paragraph or two into them and then whatever I need to write about comes along. Today was a struggle to get all three pages out. I also woke up feeling ill at ease….I don’t know if I’m nervous because of the gig coming up today or if I’m aggravated by how short the weekends are, or what, but after a couple of weeks of feeling pretty much okay, I’m not enjoying having that pit of anxiousness in my stomach again. Hopefully it’ll even out during the course of the day.

I have some yarn that’s waaay too cheap and itchy to make into anything wearable or a scarf, so I’m thinking of making a “market bag” out of it. I joined the Lion Brand website and they have access to tons of free patterns, and the market bag looked too cute. It’s a big, bohemian style, fits-everything-and-then-some bag with a comfy strap. I’m SO in!! But I seriously need to find a yarn store around here. I need some really nice natural fibers to work with.

Today and tomorrow should be relatively fun…got the gig tonight, and then tomorrow just church in the morning and a little shopping after lunch, but then I’ll be making something fantastic for Joey’s send-off meal. The afternoon should be relaxed and beautiful, full of conversation and chilling:).

Part of me wonders if my ill-at-ease feeling right now is because I’ve actually verbalized my thoughts and plans to Joey (last night) and now I need to start actively moving in the direction that I want to go. It’s always easy to dream and somewhat easy to plan, but once it’s verbalized to someone else, it’s real and then it requires action lest one becomes someone who never follows through with anything. And I’m not even making any huge life changes at this point…just some huge attitude adjustments and big differences in the way I view and interact with the world. But now, I have to actually do it.

I’m taking some pics today to add to my blogs. Yay!!


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