Knitting, Knitting, Knitting

I’ve spent most of the night knitting. I can now knit, purl, and do two different types of ribbing. Tomorrow, I’ll likely tackle increasing and decreasing. Here are some pics from the evening with my new Nikon Coolpix Camera!!

Shelli was treading dangerously close to getting in trouble…

Shelli, face tinged with displeasure, staring intently at the knitting, wishing to be left alone with the tempting skein of yarn for just five minutes…

Tonight’s project, the sockinette stitch and two types of ribbing. All were a success thus far!!

On tomorrow’s dockett:

  • Breakfast with Mom and Dad
  • Joey trying to get the window to stay all of the way up on Rhonda the Honda
  • Yardwork (blech). I will vacuum and tidy up the living room
  • More knitting!
  • Seeing our friend Cory’s band play at an outdoor festival
  • more knitting!

Tonight, I’m feeling good, happy, like I have personal direction and purpose, and like things are going to get better and better!


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