Good Day:)

Today I:

  1. Knitted some, and made my mom jealous
  2. Got my window fixed so that it won’t rain on me again.
  3. Got the lawn mowed (Joey did that) and the weeds trimmed
  4. Got the living room tidied up and vacuumed
  5. Brushed the Kins silly
  6. Saw a friend play with his band
  7. Got our grocery shopping for the week done

Productive, eh? I’m feeling pretty good about it….good to have done things today and not just piled up in front of the tv, good that I’ve finally got direction and a plan, good that Joey has had a nice weekend and that he feels good about how he did on his final.

I hope this feeling lasts; I always have a little, tiny seed of fear within my joy, because I know how many times before I have started feeling good, only to have anxiety and worry snatch it away. I always feel like I’m tottering just on the edge of falling back into my funk.

But, today is a good day and we’re sitting in a cooler house with the windows open, and we’re going to have pomegranate fruit popsicles in just a few minutes and I can’t wait to try them!


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