I Hate My DVD Player

Drat! Saturday, we bought an awesome Tae Bo set with FIVE workout DVDs and I came home today and changed into my gym clothes, only to find that no matter WHAT I tried, I could not get the stupid DVD player to work. What a bummer.

Joey loved his birthday hat (my first recent FO)! Here he is cheesing for the camera:

And here he is with a serious pose showing the detail of the hat:Yesterday, I got a headache and needed to be in the dark, so we lounged in the bed all afternoon watching MST3K and I finished my crocheted knitter’s tote:
It looks a little cheesy, but I do love the uniformity of the half double crochet. It’s my favorite crochet stitch, I think!

And, I decided to torture Shelli a little this weekend, so here are a couple of pics for you to enjoy…in this one, I wrapped her in a blanket and she was not a happy camper:

In this one, she was so passed out from sleeping that I covered her in all of her toys from her basket. Joey took this pic just as she was waking up and realizing that she was covered in toys:
This week, I’m making a concentrated effort to work on self-care. I woke up this morning with a sore throat and after the headache yesterday, I was beginning to wonder if it didn’t have something to do with the vast amounts of crappy food that I ingested over the weekend. This week, I’m eating as closely to whole foods as possible (lots of rice, beans, veggies and fruit, low-fat dairy, and very little in processed convenience foods). I took my BP at Wal-Mart Saturday and was already impressed with how much it’s gone down. I’m a little disappointed that I couldn’t do Tae Bo today, but I’m pretty happy that I’m getting to relax and I got to take a little bit of a nap.

Oh!! And, there was a fantastic sale at Michael’s yesterday, and I was able to get two sweater’s worth of wool, a skein of something that Joey liked for another hat, and two sets of circular needles, and saved 25% off the entire bill. And, I made the “mistake” (not really, because I’m thrilled to have a husband who’s interested in my hobbies) of letting Joey browse Ravelry and add projects to my queue….he must have added fourteen hats.

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