God Bless America, and Catnip, and Yarn, and Chinese Food…

What a great and lazy Fourth! We are chilling a the house watching MST3K and I’m working on my first knitting project. I’m just doing a scarf…I was going to start with this tunic-style sweater pattern that I got from Ravelry, but I think I’ll get overwhelmed and frustrated if I try something too complicated right away. I don’t want to get frustrated and stop, so I’m just doing a simple garter-stitch scarf with some of my stash yarn I bought for an afghan that I made for Joey’s grandma.

I have an urge to watch Heartbreak Ridge, not sure why. I guess I want to see Clint Eastwood and I want to watch a war movie. I think it’s nostalgia for the days of living at home and watching stuff like that with my dad because my mom hated it. We’d always watch action movies while she was out. I’m really glad that my parents are so cool. I had a great childhood and my parents were never overly-strict, but I was scared enough to disappoint them that I never did anything that seriously bad. I miss when summer felt like such a free and wonderful time. Now, it’s just annoyingly hot and it’s a drudgery having to continue to do the same thing over and over. I love the school-year schedule…hard work for nine months and then three months to regroup and do fun things and rest.

Shelli is laying on the back of the loveseat by the window, and she’s got her catnip sock with her. Every twenty minutes or so, she freaks out on it and then lays back down. She’s just the best.

That’s about it for now…we’re going to grill some burgers later with Cory, but until then, I’m going to relax!


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