Tiny Pumpkins:)

I love tiny pumpkins. They are absolutely the cutest gourds ever. I can’t remember if I told you in a previous blog, but we bought some right around Halloween last year and I finally threw them away when they started getting spotted (pumpkins really do last a long time). Well, apparently, I missed one, because I found it just two weeks ago when I was cleaning off the mantle because I had some friends coming over. It was about the size of a golf ball and was this tiny, white, petrified pumpkin-like object. So, now I’m thinking that, every now and then when we came home and noticed some nonspecific bad smell, it must have been the aforementioned fermenting (and eventually fossilizing) tiny pumpkin. I threw it away. But now I have the urge to buy more, but they won’t be around until fall.

I’ve been knitting my brains out over the weekend. I wanted to start with a very easy project so I wouldn’t get discouraged, so I started with a garter stitch scarf, which didn’t turn out fantastic (although I will add pics when I take them), mostly because I used needles that were much too large (size 10’s for Red Heart Soft yarn), but also because it was my first project, so I was uneven with my stitches. I ended up binding it off a little short since I knew I probably would never wear it and starting on a new scarf, a skinny scarf in stockinette stitch (I’ll also post a pic of my started project). The stitches are much more even and I’m so impressed to see a pattern that I recognize in many garments (the stockinette) and to know that it came from my very hands. I’m really enjoying this hobby. I found a pattern on Ravelry for a beginner’s tank top, so I’ll probably start on that after I finish this skinny scarf. I have lots of stash yarn to burn through while trying to build my stash with classy and natural fibers.

My mom also loved my knitter’s tote and wanted one of her own, so she bought me some yarn for it. Thankfully, that was so easy to crank out, so I’ll probably start that this week and try to get it done for her maybe even by the weekend.

No work tomorrow; I took the day off when I thought that Joey was going to have to take Hebrew 3. Now that he doesn’t, it’s an even better “oyster” because he doesn’t have the added worry of an impending class. We’re taking Shelli for her annual physical tomorrow, but I also want to hit a couple of thrift stores to start my project of building a fabulous wardrobe only from other people’s cast-offs. I’ll also look for a sweater or two to unravel, although I don’t know that they’ll have any with the weather being this hot.

I’m so impatient. Sometimes I amaze myself with how impatient I am. I can remember being a kid and starting a friendship up with someone that I knew I was going to like and being irritated because we weren’t best friends already. I’ve had very few “best friends” in my life. In fact, I really can think only of six people and I’m not all that close with any of them anymore (shame), and I really don’t have any at all now other than Joey and my mom. Every time I try to pick up a new hobby, I get frustrated if I can’t pick it up and be an expert immediately. That’s why I’m trying to take it so slowly with knitting. I know that the first utter piece of crap that I produce will frustrate me to the point that I may get fed up and quit, so I’ve been picking really easy things to do, with only small increments of increasing difficulty so that I can keep my focus and motivation to get it.

This week, I’m doing the rice and veggies thing again. Joey and I were not very good this weekend. I’m also starting the Tae Bo videos tomorrow…I’m really excited about that. I remember that we did Tae Bo during one of my college P.E. classes and I thought it was one of the best workouts that I ever had.

What a boring blog this has been…goodness. Thanks for listening, folks. I promise one with more pictures and less words tomorrow!


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