Dante’s Inferno

So, I apologize that I am such a crappy photographer. I went to take pics tonight for the blog of what I’m working on, and it was cloudy and rainy outside, and the lighting in here sucks because we use CFLs (GO EARTH!), so the pics are not good. I promise, just as soon as I’m a decent knitter, I’ll be one of those with fabulous pictures that are taken in all sorts of lovely natural settings.

So, on to what I’ve done for the past few days! First, I started (and prematurely finished) a beginner’s garter stitch scarf. I didn’t like how uneven the stitches were because I picked too-large needles, so I bound it off early. It does appear to be “Kins-sized,” though, yes?

Then, I started a skinny scarf in stockinette stitch, which, which much more even, bunches up badly, which I’ve heard is pretty normal and hopefully will work itself out when it’s done and blocked. When I finish this, I’m going to work on a beginner’s tank top with free pattern from Ravelry!Yesterday, Joey and I hit the thrift stores; I’ll post some more pics after we get everything washed, but I did get this AWESOME huge, men’s cotton sweater. The yarn is this beautiful cream and green, and I can’t wait to unravel it and hopefully turn it into something fabulously wintery for me for this fall/winter!And, finally on the project front, Mom bought me some yarn because she liked my knitter’s tote, so she wanted one too. Here’s the bottom and a few rows of the sides:

I finished my grad school app today. I’m just waiting for my final letter of recommendation and then I should be all done once I get that sent off. I feel a little better about it after having drug my feet for a bit, and it’s helping a little with my overall satisfaction. Joey also came up with a workable plan to work on the house, so we did our first project tonight (namely, laundry) . I’m still struggling with not feeling like I have enough time, and I know that it must be because of something I’m doing, because other people have just as busy lives as I do and still have time to take care of their homes and yards and to do things that they love. Somehow, I’ve got to get this figured out. If I can’t feel peaceful and fulfilled all of the time, the least I could do is make my home environment something that inspires peacefulness and creativity, rather than something that evokes a feeling of aggravation, irritation, inadequacy, and of being overwhelmed. Someday I’ll get this thing.

2 thoughts on “Dante’s Inferno

  1. this is what i think… my 0.02… we spend time on what is our priority whether we like it or not. it seems like your yard is not a priority! and hey! of all things, that should NOT be a priority! It cracks me up how obsessed some peopl eget about keeping their yards perfect. If you like gardening an dyard work, that’s great! But i just do what i can to keep the homeowners police at bay… i think you’re doing fine, and spending time on things that matter more, like grad school apps and knitting! These things are choices that bring a better future. your yard will just grow, get cut, grow, get cut but really has no other significance in this world, or the next… 🙂

  2. Well, I *want* to like gardening. I think it would be fun and awesome to be able to do that (and I would like to have some produce). We tried last year and the week after I planted everything, we were put on water restrictions and everything died. So, needless to say, I’m not very hopeful on the “gardening” front. But you are right; I should probably feel less guilty about not spending tons of time on the yard. The house constantly looking like a bomb went off, however….that’s another story;).

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