Today, I feel as though I’m emerging from a long night, or a long journey lost in a fog. I am groggy and have a headache, but I feel like things will be okay eventually. I always talk about taking care of myself and I never do it. That’s going to change, effective today. And I’m glad. I’ll be more glad when I feel comfortable doing it, but at least now, I’m ready to try.

I should have some updated knitting pics (and crochet pics) as soon as I can get them uploaded. The front of the tank top is almost done…I’ve never done straps before, so we’ll see how that goes today; I’m shooting to finish the front tonight and maybe start on the back. I’m impressed by how even my stitches look. Knitting is so soothing.

Last night, we went to Outback for Dad’s birthday dinner. I did not eat healthily, but he did, and that’s the most important part. My parents are just the most awesome parents ever. I know I say that a lot in these blogs, but it just strikes me every now and then to hear other people talk about their parents and to realize that I just really, genuinely like my parents. When we go out to dinner, we’re the people who are cracking up all night having a good time talking about something that’s probably not entirely appropriate for dinner. They make me laugh. And they laugh at jokes that I make, so they make me feel like I’m funny, too. So many people aren’t blessed like that, and I’m so grateful that I am. I’d just been thinking about it lately since Dad had the 60th birthday this week.

That’s all I’ve got for now (with no pics, sorry). More updates later.


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