Just one of my top five Rich Mullins songs (God rest his soul). The house is currently at 85 degrees. We’ve replaced the air filter; tomorrow, Joey will go out and bend back out the vents in the outside unit that have gotten bent in. If that doesn’t work, then there is something wrong that we’ll have to pay someone to fix. I’m not thrilled about that, and honestly, if we can wait it out and just get it fixed in the spring, I’d rather do that. We’ll probably only have six more weeks of hot weather, maybe eight. And, if it doesn’t get up to 100, the house isn’t really bad. We’ve got a big fan that’s blowing right on us, and Joey has blocked out the light by hanging towels up over the blinds. Shelli has been taking things in stride; here’s a pic of her cooling off in the laundry basket:

Here’s a progress update on the cami; I’ve actually finished the front and am rapidly working my way up the back, but this pic is from a few days ago before I started the straps. I’ll be excited to knit in the round next; I’ve heard that you don’t have to purl. I’m also moving along on Mom’s tote, but not as quickly because I’m so enamored with the knitting.
Joey’s books are still arriving in droves; he thinks he finally received the last of them yesterday, and the stack is almost as high as the armchair itself: Here is a sideways picture of them from a few days back; it’s about 25% taller now:

I’ve not done my morning pages in several days, probably since Joey has gotten back. I still want to finish the book, but I’ve been trying to focus on getting my anxiety under control (which I’ve finally taken the steps that I should have taken long ago to handle), so I’ve been allowing myself extra time to sleep and knit and read and blog. I figure there will be plenty of time for the rest once I’m back on an even keel again. But, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a picture of Shelli telling me that I will not write.

I really need to get my eating in order; I’ve not been very good these past few weeks, and it makes me feel gross. Since we’re going back into “extreme frugal” mode, I’m going to start doing some planning so that I can have some good stuff in the fridge to keep myself away from the crap that keeps popping up at work. I swear, I have gained ten pounds since starting my job, and add that to the twenty that I gained living with Joey’s parents for three years, I’m almost totally doomed. Oh well, back to it, I suppose:)


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