Ready for Fall Already!

Man, it’s really hot outside..still 90 and it’s after 9 pm. And, as always, it’s 80 in here, but it’s not too bad. I didn’t get much accomplished that I was hoping for today, but I’m not going to be too upset about it. Joey and I read for half an hour or so after I got home (after recapping my day in the salt mines to him), and then had some dinner and poked around online. I’ll probably read some more before going to bed. I think I’m going to start trying to write some of my blog during the day, so I’ll have a little fresher mind and will be more focused on topics of interest.

I’m reading a book called Boundaries. It’s a Christian perspective on setting personal boundaries and protecting one’s own well-being to be more whole and effective on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I’m finding that I definitely have problems setting personal boundries; I’m always the person who agrees to do too much and then ends up feeling resentful toward every obligation. I appreciate the perspective that the book offers: that we aren’t to feel guilty about saying “no” when we need to for our own well-being (read: we don’t always have to have a “good excuse” (i.e., I’m doing something else at the same time and thus am not humanly capable of taking care of your request)). Sometimes, it’s okay to say “no,” just because we need to for ourselves. Traditionally, I have been unable to do that and if I do, I’ve felt incredibly guilty for refusing.
I’m hoping that as I continue to recover from my anxiety, I’ll be more and more comfortable with making decisions for the well-being of my family rather than to be everything that everyone wants me to be all of the time, and worrying constantly about whether or not people are going to be upset with me if I can’t live up to what they want.

Anyway, enough of that; here’s an update on the fiber arts front! I finished Mom’s “knitter’s tote,” and she absolutely loved it. Here’s a pic for you:

And here is Shelli doing what we ALL should be doing relatively soon:


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