A Little Disappointed

My cami is not turning out like I’d hoped it would. My problem lies primarily in the seaming and the fact that the bound-off ends of the straps didn’t fit together perfectly. I’m going to finish it nonetheless, but I’m definitely having trouble getting motivated to do so. I’m working on the first of the side-panels, but it probably won’t be at the top of my pile for a while. I’m going to find something new to start tonight.

Soon, I’ll have my final letter for the grad school app; I’ll be thrilled to get it out the door and to be ready to wait to start the program. I’ll be excited to get to expand my mind and grow my education, and to start working toward what I feel I’m meant for. But, more immediately and equally as exciting, I should be getting my materials for Wendee Holtcamp’s writing course any day now. I absolutely cannot wait to learn from her since I admire her writing so much!

Next month is going to be quite the growing experience for me; I’m taking a business trip that will require me to fly alone. My coworker and friend is going with me, but she’ll be taking a different flight and will be flying back to another city rather than back to Charlotte, like me, so it’ll be exciting and nerve-wracking to see if I can do it without freaking out. My flight back will require that I spent nearly five hours in the airport in Jacksonville, FL, so I’ll absolutely have to take some knitting with me.

Today was an excellent half-day. My workday wasn’t too busy (usually, the day I’m supposed to leave early is always the day that a million things have to happen), and I came home and knitted, and then took a two-hour nap. After some tasty Chinese food for dinner, we’re relaxing and looking forward to a good weekend!


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