Ting, Tang, Walla-walla Bing Bang

It was a nice weekend. I got lots of knitting time in, saw Live Free or Die Hard on Saturday with my folks, which was such a great action flick, and got to sing at my friend Heather’s church last night. Here’s a shot of the festivities!
Her home church is just an absolute dream to visit; everyone is so nice and welcoming. They had dinner and we were able to eat with them (can’t beat some home cooking!).

I’m working on a new shirt; it’s grey and pink and green and looks very ’80s, but I’m enjoying doing the striping and I think that I’ll wear it if it turns out okay.

I’m hoping for a camping trip for Joey and me this fall. I’m really ready to get away from technology and the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life and to be somewhere where I can spend time knitting, reading, and writing without feeling as though I’ve got nine hundred things to do every time I turn around.
That’s all I’ve got for right now.

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