Frugal, Fiberiffic Day!

So, our month of consumer celibacy, as expected, is turning out to be the month where we think of all kinds of things that we need and want. We will definitely have to spend some on camping gear next month, and I’m prepared for that, but we seem to be noticing all of the little things (like extra memory for the computers, another cooling pad for our laptops, etc). I am glad that we’re taking this month off from the vast consumer economy, though. I know that consumerism very well may be what makes our society great, but right now, I think that it’s producing a really crappy generation of people who think that everything should be available to them at every whim. I know that I, personally, don’t want to be that way. If that means that I’m the odd ball, and that I benefit from other people’s greed (i.e., great designer clothes from thrift stores), then so be it. I just know that something funky is coming that’ll probably shake a lot of our views on money and our “wants” versus “needs.” I don’t want to be one of the people who doesn’t even know how to supply my “needs” because I’ve spent so much time focusing solely on my “wants.”

Enough of that rant, though. I did want to post some pics of my new shirt that I’m working on. I think I’ve settled in on the thought of doing some sleeves on this thing. I was going to make it another tank top, but I think it’ll end up being too bulky, so I’m going to use a pattern for a tunic sweater that I queued on Ravelry and do the sleeves that way, but will rib the ends of the sleeves and the neckline. Anyway, here’s what I’ve got so far! The coloring is definitely a little retro, but I think that if it turns out okay (meaning I don’t screw it up like I did the cami, it’ll be fit to wear and I will wear it. I am happier with how much more even my stitches are this time and how many fewer mistakes I’m finding myself making. I am actually progressing at this knitting thing, and I really love it!

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