I am Prince of Space!

We’re watching MST3K (surprise, surprise), the one with Prince of Space. It’s definitely one of my favorites. Some day, I will own the complete collection of these. And I will have much joy in my soul. And I likely will not leave the house for some time.

Today, there are precious few updates. Got to leave work a couple of hours early. Had coffee with a friend. Had dinner with Joey’s parents. Ate too much and feel gassy and otherwise icky. Tattoo continues its second (and hopefully last) peel. Will likely try to get another two rows knitted tonight since I haven’t had time to do much.

Tomorrow should be a good day; it’s not my flex week, but since it’s so many other peoples’, it’s usually a very quiet afternoon, which is nice. I think I’m going to take some time tomorrow and reorganize my desk and brainstorm new ideas that can make me more efficient so that I can do my job more effectively.

Things currently running through my mind:

  • Frugality
  • knitting
  • singing (I have to have a song for 8/17)
  • gluttony and its after-effects
  • personal satisfaction or lack thereof
  • do I really feel 27? Does it feel any different than 26?
  • who has a chicken puppet?
  • I wish I had a horse.
  • If only Shelli was more affectionate…(it’s hot, so she’s a little stand-offish).
  • The Olympics starts tomorrow!

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