A Few Thoughts Regarding the Olympics!

1. There is no freakin’ way that the Chinese gymnasts are 16. The first girl who got up for the floor exercises looked to be ten years old. Of COURSE their “government-issued” ID’s reflect that they turn 16 this year. But I find it a little suspicious that they appear that they should be at home singing along with Barney and Friends. Even the news said to look at them and make our own opinion.

2. America’s girls’ gymnastic’s team has choked already. It’ll be interesting to see who vaults themselves out of bounds for the floor exercies and/or tosses themselves off of the uneven bars when the actual medal competition rolls around.

3. Michael Phelps rocks. There’s nothing else to say for that one. He’s focused, poised, likeable, fast, and impressive.

4. I can’t believe how narrow the bike tires were during the ladies’ race today. I’m amazed that they could balance on something that thin. And, since America had no prayer of winning, I’m pretty happy with that British girl achieving her dream.

5. The guys’ beach volleball team today ROCKED and beat the Netherlands very soundly!

This was a very impressive Olympics day. I’m very sad that I’ll have to go to work tomorrow and not be able to watch it all day.


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