Afternoon Ramblings…

I promise that the reign of “pictureless” blogs will end soon. I took some last night at band rehearsal and think that I’ll try to take more photographs of my otherwise mundane existence! I’m sitting at the Panera across the street from work right now as it was my half day, but I have to be in Rock Hill at 3 pm, so it made little sense to go back home. A turkey artichoke sandwich later, hopefully, I’m out of the way enough that they won’t mind my camping out here until close to 2 pm.

It’s been cooler the past few days, definitely not “fall” cool yet, but much more comfortable, nonetheless. I’m able to drive Rhonda without sweltering to death now (because of the lack of AC). I’ve been giving sustainability even more thought now that my blog was actually added to the APLS Blog Carnival (yay! the first time anyone was actually interested to read what I’ve written!). During the first of the summer, I became very irritated at our large yard, because it takes so much to mow it, and, try as I might, I just cannot do the reel mower in 90 degree heat *sigh*. I’ve been poking around on the web, and I think I’m going to start researching the concept of edible landscaping further. We would have less grass to mow, and we’d have much more to put away for winter (and the added bonus: it would be *very* locally grown and I’d know exactly what was used on it). We shall see.

Joey’s coming back from Wake Forest today; he’s got a German class from 1-4, but will then be back on his way home. Hopefully, he’ll be home before 8, but probably not.

There’s so much running through my mind that I want to do for the rest of the year. I started a list the other night and was already halfway down the page before I quit writing to go to bed.


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