Goals, Plans, Hopes, Future.

Yesterday, I finished the front of my shirt (or maybe the back; it depends on how much better the other side goes). It’s infinitely better than the first cami that I tried to do earlier this summer. And I’m finally starting to get handle on my stitches, so they’re much more even. I learned how to join different colors (although that’s not entirely even for me yet). All in all, a knitting success thus far! I’m also excited because my church is starting a knitting group (“Twisted Sisters Knit n Lit”) which will meet once a month at a coffee shop and work on items for people who need comfort. I’m excited to get to learn from more experienced knitters and have some camraderie with others who have the same love for fiber arts!!

I think I’m going to surpass my reading goal for this month; if I can keep on the same pace I’ve been keeping, I’ll finish two books within the next week or so, Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban and The Artist’s Way. I took a brief hiatus from the latter during July because Joey was home from school and I quit doing my morning pages. I also ended up losing hope about writing for a while until I recently began on the road to recovery from my anxiety. I’m going to start the tenth chapter tonight, which, I believe is “Recovering a Sense of Self Protection.” It’s funny how sometimes you’ll receive the same message over and over during a certain time when it seems God’s trying to tell you something. Boundaries was also about self-protection, about learning how and when to pull back and how to take responsibility for your own choices, yet not own others’ responses to your choices. I’ll be excited to see how Julia Cameron treats the topic.

I’ve been reading more and more of the sustainable living blogs that are out there in “blogland.” I found Toward Simplicity this past week and have been reading every word with eager anticipation. This woman can make all kinds of fruit and veggies grow; how fantastic! Check out her blog and pictures. She’s also got lots of good thoughts about sustainable living stemming from her own personal journey toward a more simple lifestyle. Reading her blog today really inspired me to take action steps this year toward a more sustainable future. I’m bad about thinking about and planning to do it, but never putting those plans into action.
Shelli entices a small ground creature into her lair…


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