Yawning, Stretching, Chores, Psycho Kitty

That’s my morning. Joey and I stayed up late last night; recording fell through because one of our band members’ mother is very ill and he had to go be with her. We’ll have to reschedule. But, it gave Joey and me a chance to go spend some time with his parents last night; we got to see their newly-remodeled bathroom that now looks like a spa oasis. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’m enjoying the thought of being a graduate student in January. I’m finally ready, I think. I wasn’t five years ago when I was supposed to start at Baylor.

I’ve been reading a ton lately. Thus far, I’ve finished Boundaries, A Complaint Free World, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and I’m reading The Beet Queen and Blue Like Jazz. I feel as though I’ve gained something from each of them and it feels so good to put something worthwhile in my brain again. It’s funny how quickly we let ourselves go when we don’t have a reason to push ourselves.

So, I’m doing a shift this moring because it’s the end of the month and we need to be available to try to get some more business done, and I’m chilling online until noon. I’ll fold the giant laundry monument that Shelli has claimed as her lair and will probably work on picking up the floor and the kitchen today. I may start getting some stuff ready for a future yard sale next month as I really want to purge some more “stuff” and pare down to essentials.

I’m in the process of brainstorming some Sustainability/Frugality goals for September; be on the lookout for an update there. And, I’m shooting to finish my shirt this weekend. Wish me luck in learning how to seam!!


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