Nothing to Say

Haven’t blogged much lately. I don’t have much to say. Made apple butter on Monday and it was good. Been knitting. Went to the library and checked out three knitting books. Overslept my alarm the past two days in a row.

Joey’s personal library embosser came yesterday and he loved it. I think my tank top is going to turn out ugly, but I have to actually finish something. I keep reading other people’s knitting blogs and wanting to do that kind of stuff so badly, but I feel like I’m never going to get there.

*sigh*. Guess it’s just one of those days. Don’t know why. I was productive at work and got a lot done. Got good books at the library. Took some apple butter to Joey’s parents and they fed us dinner. Got the rest of the evening to relax other than putting the clean dishes away and loading the dirty ones. But, somehow, I still feel….meh.

Hopefully there will be a better blog tomorrow. For now, I apologize.


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