Random Thoughts on a Rough Week

It’s weird to have a week where I feel so “off” these days. As I’ve been recovering from my anxiety problems, I’ve been relatively even-keeled, and even hopeful most days. I still get upset whenever I see an animal hit on the side of the road, but otherwise, I’ve been handling things pretty well. Monday was a great day off…we went shopping in the morning and I made apple butter and read and knitted.

Tuesday, I overslept and woke up two minutes after I usually leave for work. I had remained “unwashed” on Monday, and thus, I had to go almost a full two days without a shower, which made me feel skeevy and gross all day. On a positive note, though, I ended up getting to work at the time that I actually WANT to get there, so I’ve been able to adjust my schedule so that I’m spending more time at home. I also read some great tips from One Green Generation about natural skin care. Since reading it, I’ve been using Vitamin E Oil as my moisturizer on my face, and my face already feels and looks better. I’m back to using it on my arms again too, so the scars are starting to lighten up.

I overslept again on Wednesday, but only by ten minutes that time, so I wasn’t too upset. We went to the library and they didn’t have the novel that I need to get for my book club, but I did get two Stitch ‘N Bitch books and Hollywood Knits which have been interesting and informative.

Thursday, my tongue started to hurt. Dad had his 6 month stress test. Band rehearsal was cancelled. I found, when I got home, a giant blood blister on the side of my tongue.

This morning, it hurt even worse. I burst it (gross) thinking it would heal more quickly. Now, I have an even more painful exposed ulcer. Blah.

My seaming didn’t go so well, last night. It looks a little like a six year old tried to stitch the top together. It was my first attempt at any kind of seaming, much less kitchener seaming (hope I spelled that right). I probably should have just done the traditional mattress stitch or something like that, but I just thought it would look better to have them “seamlessly” woven together. I’m going to block it before I seam up the sides since there’s been so much rolling.

I’ve also taking to reading Green apples-a knitting blog. It’s not that I’m amazed that so many people my age are knitters, but it does give me hope to see that other people have started only a few years ago and are now so good. I wish I could be as good a knitter as she is, though. It’s amazing how quickly she finishes her sweaters and how good they all look. If there are any other knitters out there in blog-land, I’m really interested in knowing how you got started and how you dealt with the painful process of learning and making horrible objects that you could never wear. It would help to have some encouragement to keep practicing. I really do love it. I just love looking at yarn and needles….I love knitting so much that, were it a person, I would hug it. I’m just so impatient. I want to be an expert already. I want to be churning out beautiful cabled sweaters already.

I’m so ready for fall. Sometimes, at work, I’ll look out my window over my cubicle at the sunny day and pretend that it’s cold outside. It’s not too much of a stretch as it’s already getting a little chilly in the mornings, but it’s still getting to 90 in the afternoons, which I can do without.

Oh, and, did you know that orangutans have eyelashes? I just thought it was cool to see.


2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts on a Rough Week

  1. Hi! I saw the link to your blog in my stats – I am so flattered by your compliments! Trust me, I did not start out an expert either. I nearly gave up several times because I just couldn’t keep track of patterns. And my first seaming job – well, I’m glad it was a textured stitch, because it hides the big holes in the seam where I skipped stitches. Just hang in there – it sounds like you have the passion, and the muscle memory will come!(P.S. – what helps me with kitchener stitch is to keep repeating “knit purl, purl knit” as I work the seam. It helps to keep me from going the wrong way!)

  2. sorry you’re feeling a bit down – me too… it’s been an interesting few days. Hope you feel better soon!! I will have to try that Vitamin E oil! xoxo

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