Favorite Summer Memories

  1. Riding in the truck with the windows down listening to John Mellencamp
  2. the golf carts at Ocean Lakes
  3. Getting annoyed that my mom wanted to stay on the beach for 14 hours every day
  4. waking up at 8:30 in the mornings
  5. going to breakfast with my mom
  6. Lunch with mom and Bobbie on Wednesdays
  7. swimming in the pool in the backyard
  8. sleepovers that could last for the whole weekend
  9. Ghostwriter
  10. helping plant the garden
  11. jumping through the sprinkler
  12. summer movies!
  13. going out for ice cream
  14. playing cards on the porch into the night
  15. fireflies
  16. riding bikes
  17. Seeing Hanson in June of 97
  18. Walking and Harmonizing with Crystal

That’s about all I’ve got. I was thinking about it earlier today while pondering the summer’s end. I wish summer still held the same free, glorious feeling as it did before. Now, every day is the same. I hope to get that rush at the end of May again someday. I’ll always love fall most, but it was nice to feel free…


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