It’s So Nice to Be Happy…

I’m finally happy today. I’m not worried about anything, I’m chilling out, drinking coffee, getting ready to jump in the shower and then go tour the aquatic center after lunch and after Joey finishes his paper. We’re going to piggyback on that and do our grocery shopping for the week before we come home since we don’t know what’s going to happen with the gas because of Ike. Yesterday was INSANE in the Charlotte area…gas stations running out, having to have cops on-site to prevent fights. People are so crazy. We got gas a few days ago, so we were okay, and we’re just planning to stay in for the most part this weekend. Tomorrow, we’ll do church and then we’ve got a fellowship to go to which isn’t that far from home.

We’re going to start next month taking out $100 cash and having that be our grocery budget for the month. I’m excited. I think it’ll help us focus on stocking the pantry and shopping the sales. I don’t want to be so reliant on Wal-Mart, and I want to feel as though we’ve always got enough in the pantry.

Part of why we’re doing this is because we’re going to join the Monroe Aquatic Center next week after I get back from Jacksonville. We’ve decided that it’s worth the money to have a good place to work out and swim (I love to swim for exercise), and when we were looking at how much we spend each weekend eating out, if we cut back to one take-out meal per week (and possibly just share one entree), we’ve more than made up for the monthly fee. We’ve always been very dedicated when we have a gym membership, and we’re feeling like this will be the best way to use that money. The Aquatic Center is AWESOME from the website…they have everything, and it’s much cheaper than the YMCA.

There’ll probably be another post later as I’ve got a WIP that I need to show off:).


One thought on “It’s So Nice to Be Happy…

  1. hey Melanie! SO glad to hear you’re happy!! It’s such a nice feeling when you get that joy in your spirit. I am bummin about not having electricity at home and going stir crazy with everything out of whack but am checking email and trying to get some work done at my friend’s who does have electricity amazingly. It’s nuts around here – i’m telling ya! I did a grocery budget and it really works. It helps to take out that much CASH and just spend that so when it’s gone its GONE. I also heard from Dave Ramsey (a financial guru guy) I think that people spend 30% less when they use cash!!

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