Finally…WIP Picture and Musings on Jacksonville…

Here you have it….the start of my Simple Triangular Stash Shawl and I have to say, I’m pretty pleased. there is a small mistake in the yarn over pattern in the middle, but it’s relatively small, and I’m really bad at frogging back and reknitting right now, so I figured I should probably just leave it as-is. The shawl is actually much bigger now because I worked on it while waiting for my flight from Greensboro back to Charlotte and again on my flight from Jacksonville back to Charlotte yesterday. I did get asked by a nice older lady what I was knitting:).

The trip to Jacksonville was excellent, despite having to drive up to Greensboro to fly right back to Charlotte and get on the same flight to Jacksonville that I would have been on if I’d flown direct. It was cheaper that way, and one of my coworkers was already heading up there, so he dropped me off at the airport. I expected to be much more nervous than I was, but I handled it pretty well…got to my gate okay and on the plane. Unfortunately, I seem to attract strange people cosmically…I always end up sitting next to the person that you see and think, “man, I feel sorry for whoever has to sit next to him/her.”

Prudential was wonderful. We learned a lot, ate good food, had a good time, and I was able to spend plenty of good moments in conversation with my friend Elizabeth.

We spent time with my folks last night since my dad picked me up from the airport, so today we are relaxing while Joey reads for his classes on Tuesday. I love the fall weather…it’s cool, and we have the windows open and I’m actually chilly enough to be under a blanket. We’ll probably do some grocery shopping this evening and then will hit the Aquatic Center tomorrow. I’m just feelin’ the love for fall today:).

2 thoughts on “Finally…WIP Picture and Musings on Jacksonville…

  1. I want to relearn to knit. Did you learn as an adult? Did someone teach you? I wonder if I can find classes or something. I need a stitch n bitch class!!! 😉

  2. I just picked it up four months ago…bought a book, but it didn’t help much. I’ve learned everything I know thus far from . they hve great videos. I am sure there’s a Stitch n Bitch class in Houston, though:)…and that would be tons of fun. Check for a yarn store near you and they usually have something, but I don’t think you’d need a class to learn:).

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