I’ve Got One Hand In My Pocket, and the Other One is….

…stocking up my pantry:). Seriously, at this very moment, happiness is as simple as a full pantry and a tank of gas in one car. We did our grocery shopping today and, although it was $75, which is waaaaay over our budget if you follow my blog, we stocked up on several staples, and I’ve already got three big meals planned for the week, so we should be able to freeze some food and stuff!!

On a crappier note, I have done NO knitting today. We went to church, had lunch with my folks, did our shopping, and then I completely fell out until 5 pm. I must have been tired…and it was the kind of sleep where you still feel groggy even though it’s going on three hours later. I think I’ve been letting the stress get to me way too much lately and it’s just throwing everything off. I was talking in Life Group today about not feeling like I can get myself together at all…I just don’t even feel like doing anything, which is a bummer.

It’s been a lazy weekend, aided by the fact that we’ve not been able to drive much of anywhere because of the gas shortage. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week, and I’m not thrilled that we’re having to postpone the yard sale since no one will be out driving around next weekend until we get some freakin’ gas.
Dinner tonight was simple…biscuits with choices of toppings. I topped mine with sugar-free syrup. I absolutely LOVE Jiffy Mix. You can make anything with that stuff. I swear, there’s probably directions to make a turkey out of it somewhere.

I have no more for tonight. This was pretty lackluster, honestly. My bad. But at least it has photos this time…

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