Short Blog…

This will probably be short…Joey is reading a section of Thomas Aquinas’ writings and then has to do a two page paper, so he’ll need his computer back (or, “the good laptop” as we call it since mine is waaay too overloaded with memory and runs almost as fast as solidified honey).

Yesterday shaped up to be a good day despite my feeling pretty morose about Puss all day. I’m not going to post what I wrote about her yet, but I did write something last night that helped me get some of the pain on paper, so I may put it up at some point depending on how transparent I want to be and how much I think it may make my mom cry (and I’m not in the business of doing that at all).

Today, I’m lazing around while he does his paper and studies for a quiz on Tuesday. I love afternoons where we can laze rather than have to run around trying to get things done before our next obligation. Tuesday, our choir is going up to Wake Forest to sing at an evangelism conference at Southeastern, which will be exciting since Joey will be up there for class anyway and his professors will probably be there and I get to sing a solo:). I’m taking Wednesday off, too, because it will be very very late when we get back from the trip.

Wednesday will be spent working on the yard sale, getting more stuff from Mom & Dad’s, helping them bring out their stuff, and going through the stuff in our office. I love the thought of getting rid of things that no longer “fit,” no longer “match” our lives today. Although there are parts of myself that I do miss a great deal from being younger and carefree, I also know that they would come at a very serious price. My blog-friend (and hopefully real-life friend eventually), Wendee, had her myspace status the other day as being “Grateful for the wisdom that comes with time.” I know that I lack a lot of that wisdom, still being only in my twenties and just now feeling like I am actually an adult, but I think I’ve come to terms at this point that I wouldn’t go back and trade the wisdom I have gained for the carefree days of yore.

This didn’t end up being as short as I though it would…Joey says that Aquinas isn’t something that you can just “breeze through.” Well, I’m off to work on another scarf…finished my cowl, which ended up being freaking HUGE, so I don’t know how that’s going to work out, but pics will come, nonetheless.


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