So Freaking Sore

1. My hips, knees, ankles, everything is incredibly sore from standing for forty-five minutes in high heels. I’m really going to have to start considering the flatter-shoes movement. I don’t know that it’s worth it to be in such pain.

2. Whiny people, people who don’t listen only to Southern Gospel, and people with tattoos and piercings need Jesus too. Not everyone wants to dress in a suit and sing “Give Me That Old Time Religion” while clapping on the on-beat rather than the off-beat, and that’s okay. What’s most important is that we’re reaching people and loving people, not making them feel alienated because they don’t fit into a certain paradigm of what “correct worship” is. The day that we starting saying that we don’t want a certain kind of person to come to our church is the day that we need to check ourselves.

3. I am totally going to have to swim today at the gym because I’m so sore.

4. We had to postpone the yard sale because of predicted inclement weather. Seriously. I’m getting sick of looking at an office full of crap.

5. I started a basketweave scarf on the bus and it’s adorable! Lots of work though. Pics will have to come later.

6. I totally overdid it at Waffle House last night on the way home (but planned for it and didn’t eat much the rest of the day), but we had a blast talking to the cook and waitress, and Joey got a genuine Waffle House mug out of it. It was definitely the best Waffle House experience I’ve ever had.

7. Advice to all who read this: if you have as stellar of a Waffle House experience as we had, you should tip very well…they have to put up with a lot of crap…especially the people who work the graveyard shift (which was when we were there).

8. I really did need a day off from work…even though we’re really not doing anything. It’s just nice to relax.

9. I am absolutely amazed that I have two subscribers to this blog. I have a good idea of who one of them is, but no idea about the others. I really appreciate that. You guys totally rock:).

10. Joey was supposed to check out Saving Darwin and some other books by Donald Miller for me and forgot. Blah. However, Cory loaned me On Writing by Stephen King, so I’m looking forward to delving into that.

And, so that I don’t leave you with another pathetically pictureless blog, Shelli was pretty pissed when we got home at 1:45 in the morning after leaving her at 6:30 am on Tuesday…


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