Thoughts? Probably Not.

I wrote a blog, but it sucked. Blah. I must have blogger’s block today. Anyway…good weekend. James and Shannon came over Friday night and we had chinese and talked forever which was fantastic:). I love nights like that…good food, good friends, getting to know people better…totally awesome.
We voted yesterday (YAY!!). I love doing my civic duty and I felt pretty proud, and was especially happy when the woman explaining how to use the ballot machine asked me if it was my first time voting. I told her that she was sweet.
Got three knitting books since the early voting place is in the main library. Two are older and one is the new Vogue Knitting book on socks. I’m liking them all…will have to take some snaps and post them for you to see.

Speaking of knitting, I finally had a WIP photo taken:)


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