The Art of Freezing One’s Butt Off for Money…

Yes, that is indeed how I spent my morning….we began setting up our yard sale at SIX a.m. We had customers before 8 when the sale was supposed to start. I wore a coat, a hoodie, a scarf, and a wool hat (Thanks for that, Mike Nesmith…it’s all for you, you know). By 11 a.m., I had stripped down to a t-shirt (A Monkees shirt….still giving you some love, Papa Nes). I was relatively amazed at the amount of people to show up for a yard sale in 40-degree weather.

I was able to sell my first flute ever, the one my parents bought for me when I first took band class in the fifth grade. I sold it for $26….I was a little sad to see it go, but, honestly, if I ever want to play again, I’ve still got my sterling silver one from high school. It was nice to see it go to someone young who will perhaps enjoy it as much as I did.

Whatever we didn’t sell was loaded onto the truck and Dad, Joey, and Vic took it all to Goodwill. There is something cleansing about letting go of things.

I’ve got about seven inches of the body of the sweater done. I’m thinking of making it an off-the-shoulders deal rather than the neck that they’ve got on the pattern, so it’ll be interesting to see how it ends up when I get there. I’ve still got quite a while to go before I split for the armholes anyway, so I’ve got plenty of time to think about it.

So, thus is the ever-uninteresting update on my life. If I don’t blog again before Tuesday, pleasepleaseplease get out and vote. Whatever your political leanings, please remember what a privilege it is to live in a country where we do have a voice in the selection of our leaders (albeit a very small voice). Don’t waste that; none of us can afford it.


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