Dark Thirty…

Shelli as a baby:)

Holy Crap. It’s really dark outside and it’s not even Six yet. I do love Daylight Savings Time…good memories of summertime and staying out playing cards on the front porch until it got dark around 9 pm. Those were good times. However, these days, I never turn down an opportunity to get an extra hour of sleep, and I also heard on the news that the switch back to Standard Time is actually good for your heart health as it does give that extra hour to rest. Now, I’ll have to become a voice of support for the “early bed” movement. I do hate it getting dark so early, though….it’ll be dark by the time I get home from work now.

I have been knitting up a storm this weekend; I have about 12 inches of the body of the sweater done….the pattern says to go to 15″, but I’m thinking that I may want it to be a little longer, so I’ll probably see how it fits sometime tomorrow and then either split for the sleeves or keep going on the stockinette.

I think that next week is finally going to be a week where we don’t have something huge coming up or something aggravating to deal with…just an ordinary week, and that’s awesome. We’ve got to get to the gym four times at least (we had our wellness evaluation last Monday and the nurse suggested that I do 45 minutes 4 times a week to start achieving what I want…she’s a knitter too, which was really cool). I’m taking Friday off, just because I have days to burn and didn’t want to let them go. Joey’s going to be stressed because of schoolwork, but I can take the day to relax.

I hope I can get into the holiday spirit this year…I wasn’t able to last year and didn’t enjoy much of the whole season. I miss “getting into the spirit,” decorating for Christmas and going to parties and having fun. I hope this year will be better:).


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