Air Show!!

I really want to go to one now; there’s one going on at Monroe Regional Airport, which is right near our house, and a Stealth Bomber just flew over our house and it was really neat. They’ve also got some WWII planes and were doing a simulated dogfight while we were driving home from the gym. It’ll still be going on tomorrow, so if Joey can get his paper done, we may go tomorrow since it’s only $5 per person.

I feel like I’m knitting every moment that I’m awake and not surfing the ‘net these days…I’ve got two scarves going right now (Christmas gifts for my grandmas) and my sweater. I got a lot done on the sweater last night; the band is recording one of our songs, and since I don’t do anything other than vocals at this point, I had lots of knitting time while they were laying the rhythm track and guitars. It was a lot of fun!

Well, that’s all I’ve got…enjoy your Saturday!!


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