Butterscotch Dum Dum

Ha! That should be the name of a band;). I’m enjoying a butterscotch-flavored dum dum lollipop during my lunch break and all of the sudden felt the compulsive urge to blog.

Happy Veterans’ Day!! To all of the veterans in my life (and any who may happen upon my humble blog), thank you for giving up part of your life (and maybe part of your health too) to keep us safe and free. I hope that someone buys you a meal today and shakes your hand. That seems to be much less frequent these days.

We finished recording our first track for a potential future cd last night; things went amazingly smooth for my first time in a genuine recording studio. I’ll be excited to hear how it turns out after some “studio magic” has been performed on the rough track. The song is called “Return to the Fold.” The lyrics are touching and the instrumentation is fantastic. Look for it on my myspace site sometime in the near future!

Tonight is the monthly meeting of the Twisted Sisters Knit ‘n Lit group over at FBCIT. Unfortunately, I’m not working on a prayer shawl right now…there are scarves that are screaming to be finished so that they can be Christmas gifts. I haven’t gotten the yarn for my mom’s yet, so I’ll need to get on that (I want it to be totally fabulous). I really don’t know what to knit for Dad….maybe a wig. I’m also thinking that if we are to do more of these bonfires and/or potential camping trips with our new buds, I’m going to need some wool fingerless gloves to help keep the chill at bay:).

We’ve not been able to get to the gym yet this week and that always worries me. If I don’t keep pushing myself to go, I’ll get in the habit of *not* going and that will just totally ruin what I’m trying to do. We usually go on Monday nights, but we had to do the recording last night, and I’d normally go tonight, but the knitting group is meeting. Joey and I are going to shoot to get up *really* early in the morning and go tomorrow so that we can keep ourselves in the swing of going.

And, now, I leave you to shake your head in boredom and wonder why you’ve just wasted five minutes of your team reading this;)…


2 thoughts on “Butterscotch Dum Dum

  1. You might need to go ahead and start those fingerless gloves, because we are definitly wanting to do more bonfires and/or camping trips 🙂

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