Happy 100th Post To Me:)

Let me tell you about what’s kind of difficult about taking a nature writing course in the winter…it’s FREAKING cold outside. My first assignment was to start a nature observation journal, which involved my sitting outside for half an hour today observing the outdoors. If I had managed to have time to do this a week ago (when it was actually due), I would have been sitting outside in 70-degree weather, but NO….I’ve got to wait until today when the high is in the FORTIES. But, it was a pretty enlightening experience, nonetheless. I was afraid that there would be nothing to write about because there’s not a lot of interesting plant life in my yard, but once I settled down and really listened, the yard seemed to come alive around me. It was pretty cool, actually.

Also, in honor of my new found desire to make sure that I get in enough exercise, I think I’m going to start posting what I do each day…maybe it’ll help keep me vigilant. Today, I did 20 minutes on the ski machine (it’s like one of those Gazelles that Tony Little screams about) and burned approximately 197 calories. Then, I moved to the recumbent bike and did 32 minutes and burned about 196 calories. It was probably the best workout I’ve had in a while.

Anyway…..I don’t have much else today. I’ve been feeling pretty piss-poor, honestly….seems I’m not doing anything right these days. Hopefully, that’ll all even out once I’m through the Christmas program and can stop panicking every day.


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