We Were Merely Freshmen…

Six years ago today, Joey and I got married. We were actually seniors in college, thought we were grown up and mature….boy did we have a lot to learn. But, we learned it together. And we’re still learning. Sorry for the poor quality of the pics; I don’t have a scanner, so I had to take pictures of my pictures;)…..

Some Points of interest about the wedding:)
1. Yes, I wore pajamas to get my hair done. It was my freaking day and I wanted to be comfortable.
2. Once I got my dress on, I didn’t have to pee again until I got home. I was really glad.
3. I had to take a stage-fright pill, not because I was nervous about getting married, but because I sang and I was nervous about singing.
4. The shoes that came with Joey’s tux made his feet look like boats, so he opted to wear his cowboy boots (which was totally fine with me).
5. Apparently there was a dare on the table for Joey to come down the aisle with his pants tucked into his boots. $100 was placed on this dare. When one of Joey’s entourage posited that I would kill him, Joey responded, “she’s going to kill me when she found out that I didn’t take the dare for $100 bucks!!”. He was right.
6. I wore 4-inch platform heels so that I wouldn’t have to have my dress altered. When the wedding was over, I showed everyone my shoes because I was so proud of not falling on my face down the aisle.
7. My dad got a little sad right before he walked me down the aisle, so I told him that I had to fart right before they opened the doors. I said that it was my day and I was going to fart if I needed to, so I let one rip as they opened the doors. Only my dad heard it, and he had a good laugh over that one.
8. I felt really awkward during the song that Don sang while we were lighting the unity candle, so I held an entire conversation with Joey while Don was looking at us meaningfully.
9. Almost all of my professors from Wingate came to the wedding. I love them all to this day and miss them terribly.
10. I tried very hard to find a Monkees song that was appropriate to play during the ceremony.
11. I almost had us walk out to the Indiana Jones theme.
12. The hot wings were the hit of my reception.
13. Margie got a bunch of the bags of birdseed and opened them all and dumped them down my dress as we were saying goodbye and getting ready to drive away. Hence my having my hand over my chest in the pic while we’re in the truck;).
14. I got back at her, though. Joey’s mom and Margie offered to come clean the apartment while we were on our honeymoon. I left birdseed all over the floor of the bedroom;).
15. We didn’t get to eat any of the food at our reception, so I ended up shelling and eating peanuts that Joey’s groomsmen used to “decorate” the truck.
16. Apparently, Joey started to drive away with one of the groomsmen still in the back of the truck writing on the back window.

We had the most awesome wedding, and it totally fit us as it was just a little off-beat. And, that’s been the story of our marriage since then;). We’ve travelled halfway across the country and back, had strange and wonderful adventures, and I can absolutely tell you that I can’t get over how blessed I am to have married someone who’s my best friend and soulmate. Our families get along, I love my in-laws just like my own parents, and my parents love Joey….it’s awesome to see how things turn out when you do what God is asking you to do. I stepped out of my comfort zone with Joey, leaving everything that I knew and was used to, and it’s been a wild ride ever since.
We had a wonderful Japanese dinner at an authentic Japanese restaurant to celebrate. Then, we stopped at a Starbucks near the house (I know….Caribou, would you please build a freaking shop in Wesley Chapel???) and sat for an hour with soy pumpkin lattes and I knitted in public for a while.
What a ‘versry!


2 thoughts on “We Were Merely Freshmen…

  1. Well, you had to know that, if I was involved in it, so was gas;). And it managed to amuse my father and keep both of us from crying;).

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