Hooray for the Minute Clinic!!

Joey told me yesterday that I should go get an antibiotic because I sounded even worse than I did on Wednesday, and with us being this close to the Christmas Musical, I really don’t have time to wait and see if I get better on my own. So, on my lunch break yesterday (I actually went arounbd 10:30), I ran to the CVS near the office to their Minute Clinic, where an NP checked me out and diagnosed me with “lingering bronchitis” that likely resulted from some virus that went around a couple of weeks ago and caused nothing more than a scratchy throat. She prescribed me an albuterol inhaler to use for two days, a Z-pack, and some cough medicine. And, honestly, after the first dose of the antibiotic, I’m feeling a good bit better, and my coughs are more productive. So, I’ll continue the chicken noodle soup and whatnot, but I’m feeling like I may be okay by the time I’ve got to sing next Friday night.
And, I feel a little vindicated, since something genuinely is wrong with me, so I wasn’t just being lazy and feigning being sick. Also, this is actually only the second time I’ve been sick all year…the last time was back in January, so I guess it was actually a pretty good year in that respect:).

On the knitting front, I had my first “knitting in public and people won’t leave you the heck alone!!” moment. I was waiting for my prescriptions, so I pulled out a scarf that I’m working on for Joey’s mom and three people stopped to talk to me about knitting, and I actually did get the much-dreaded question, “is that hard??”

Thankfully, I had already planned for the day off today, so I’m piled up in the recliner with some coffee (I haven’t had any in three or four days), and I’ll probably nap some and otherwise just rest and get better. I did have to miss the holiday party that our office was having last night, though, so that was a bummer…they had a nice dinner at a nice restaurant:(. But, rest was more important, honestly.
Here’s a pic for you from our floor-laying adventure last weekend; this is the almost completed project. Beautiful, eh?


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