Celebrating the Wonder…

Man, what a weekend. An Indian Trail Christmas has been going really well…we’re two performances down, four to go (two today and two tomorrow). I had to do my solo for the first time last night, and I actually hit the notes (I always worry because, when I get nervous, my low register is the first thing to go). The play went smoothly, no technical glitches (at least, if there were, I didn’t notice them at all).

Taking my friend Erin’s advice (haha….I thought of you when I was picking out my shoes;))…I have a pair of comfortable shoes to wear on the performances where I don’t have the solo part. Last year, my feet hurt so badly by the end that Erin brought me a pair of her shoes to wear during the last performance, which helped IMMENSELY. This play has really made me miss Wayne and Erin. I hope you guys know that we’re thinking of you often.

Today’s performances are at 3 and 7, so it makes for a long day, but Katie and I are both bringing our knitting to do between the performances (and a cold dinner…yay frugality). It’s nice to be in a good mood today….I feel like it’ll probably be fleeting, as I think there may still yet need to be an adjustment made to my anxiety meds, but it is good to feel that I’m making progress every day to be “normal” (whatever that means).

I also got to spend some time yesterday with my friend Sarah, and her son Mason, while Joey was helping her husband Wesley to change out his brake pads (actually, they probably both just did whatever my dad told them to;)) Mason is such a little cutie…such a little flirt too. I also enjoy any time I get to spend talking to Sarah. I’m always amazed by the wonderful circle of friends we have those days. I’m so grateful.

So, this morning, I’m just going to relax. It’ll be a busy afternoon and evening;)…


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