Merry, Merry Christmas

Wow….what a Christmas day it’s been already:). We did get to have a laid-back morning, and then I baked some chicken and we had chicken, rice, pintos, and green beans for lunch with Joey’s parents and my parents. I really enjoy the new tradition of everyone coming over here for Christmas….it’ll be even more fun when we have kids, but I wanted to go ahead and get us into the routine of having our own traditions rather than having to run all over the place and not getting to enjoy the holiday.

For most of my childhood, I never spent a Christmas at home….the only one I can remember is the one when I was 10, when my dad had his heart attack and he couldn’t travel. While I enjoyed those Christmases very much and I appreciate the memories, I just don’t want to put my own child through that. I never got to see Puss on Christmas day, and I always felt guilty that she was left behind in a dark house while we were far away from home. I don’t want to put Shelli through that either. It works out so well that both of our sets of parents like eachother so much and we can just all hang out and have our own Christmas lunch. We also only do gifts for Shelli on that day; we do presents with each set of parents at different times. Shelli got some really neat stuff this year, and she played with everything that she got!

It’s also a balmy 65 degrees or so, which is a little strange for Christmas, but it’s nice to have the windows open and air out the house. This year has been so very busy, between year-end at work (which we’ve been totally kicking butt with, yay us!!) and all of the parties and activities we’ve been a part of, we’re definitely ready to settle back into a routine of normalcy and chill out some.

So, Merry Christmas to you all. Much love to you!


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