Boy, we had the best time that we’ve had in a long time ringing in the New Year…in fact, I’d put it up next to our favorite New Year’s celebration, the one we spent in TX with our friends Josh and Jamie.

First, the Kins freaked out a little because of all of the fireworks people were setting off at SIX in the evening (seriously?)

James, Shannon, and Katie all arrived and we ate wonderful snacks!!

Katie is such a cutie:)

We played Phase 10, which was a lot of fun….the game took 3 hours, and we had a great time! (Notice, in the dark background, Joey’s silly face)

Joey had a lucky hand and rubbed it in our faces…

Onigiri (rice balls), one of the snacks from last night (I made something authentically Japanese)…they also made a good breakfast this morning:)

I already said this many times last night, but I’m just thrilled with how many great friendships we’ve fostered this year. I really do feel like I would be lost without them.

Another post will come later with my Goals for the year…I just wanted to take some time to share the fun of the evening. Love to all!


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