Resolutiony, Goal-like Things…

It’s been a while, eh? I’ve had a pretty serious case of writer’s block and have been in a bad mood for the past week or so, so every time I pulled up the ol’ blog to write a post, I ended up feeling frustrated and shutting down the entire computer. Blah to anxiety…one day, I’ll be glad when this is all worked out and I feel entirely (yeah, right) normal, whatever that feels like.

So, I’m thinking about my resolutions or goals for the year, and I wrote a few things down last week that I figured I’d post:

1. To get close to my goal weight by July/August (which should be attainable)
2. To run a 5K in April/May (which I’ve already started training for)
3. To buy only thrift-store clothing this year (which I’ve been doing since April of last year!!)
4. To finish knitting my sweater by March
5. To learn to knit cables (I’ve already got the pattern and recipient in mind!!)
6. To give 100% homemade Christmas gifts this year (and not buy anything, even the packaging!)
7. To sell a craft this year, whether it be on Etsy, or at a local craft festival, or whatever…
8. To shop at a farmer’s market this year (local produce, here I come!!)
9. To keep the house more organized and get rid of things when we don’t need them anymore (Started this one on New Year’s day!!)
10. To go camping!

What I like about what I’ve selected is that they’re all a stretch, but I didn’t pick anything that’s just unattainable. I’m not setting myself up for disappointment, because my goals are much more realistic than they have been in years past.

Of course, our big financial goal of the year is to come as close as possible to getting the car paid off (if not getting it there altogether). That one is going to be a big stretch. We don’t owe a ton on it, but more than we can pay easily each month. We’re going to have to take our frugality to new levels to see what we can do to pay as much as possible while still having heat/ac/food/a roof over our heads, etc.

It’s going to be an interesting journey!


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