Just Thankful, Really

I’m thankful for my Life Group today. If you ever come in to visit, you’ll most likely be a little surprised at our unconventionality, but I think it’s one of the greatest parts of the group. When we started, we were very discouraged. We grew out of another class and the eight or so people that were supposed to come with us ended up being only one. For nearly a year, we were four people (Cory came to support us also)…Wesley, me, and Joey. And then we grew. And now, we’re averaging 10 people every week, which is something I never thought would happen when we stepped out on faith to teach a class.

What I like most about our group is that we’re not “church people.” You won’t find a group of people trying to one-up each other about how spiritual they are, or pretending to be someone that they’re not. What you will find is a group of real people, of broken people, of people who need Jesus and who need each other. You will find people who may not fit in with a class full of “church people” (sometimes, I wonder if I would, myself). You’ll hear discussions of poop (thanks to me), laughter, tears, love, support….you get the picture. You’ll meet a group of real friends and, honestly, of family too.

I love it. It really helps to make the whole shebang worthwhile.


2 thoughts on “Just Thankful, Really

  1. I was just thinking this, or something along those lines, earlier after church today. I love our wonderfully imperfect family of real people 🙂

  2. Hi Mel – just thought I’d take this opportunity while reading your blog to just say hello. keep the writings coming.Lv ya, John L

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