Will I Ever Run a 5K?

I think I’m going to have to stay on Week Two of the Couch to 5k program for another workout or two at least, which is a bummer. I’m supposed to move to Week Three when I do my next workout, but I was really struggling today, so I’m thinking that it’s a sign that I probably should keep with this week until I’m feeling a little more comfortable.

It was so cold this morning; I helped load some vanities into the truck at Mom and Dad’s for Dad to take back because they were the wrong size and my hands were nearly frozen by the time I got back in.

I don’t have much else to offer. Joey and I are staying in tonight since it’s been such a busy and tough week.


2 thoughts on “Will I Ever Run a 5K?

  1. Yes, the cold makes it very difficult to get motivated to run outside. I hate running in the cold weather myself. I’ve been working out at my activity center on the ‘machines’, but I can’t run far on a treadmill without getting bored. Keep in mind the hardest part about running is the initial build-up – getting up to the 1st mile, then up to the 2nd mile. After you get this far, incrementally its does get easier. You’ll find going from 2 miles to lets say 4 miles easier than going from .5 mile to 2 miles. Stay with it my friend. April is not all that far away. I’ll be there.PS – keep the coffee going in the am

  2. I’m keeping the coffee going faithfully. I hope you are there in April…we’ll keep you posted as to the date/location/cost, etc.

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